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A very limited run of CD versions of ‘Maps of Revenge & Forgiveness’ is now available to purchase from this site. The package includes:
11 track CD

Booklet featuring work completed by 10 artists in response to the album’s tracks
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1st Album Review

Just ahead of the launch of our new album on the 20th Feb 2012, we’ve been sending out copies for review. An excerpt follows from our first review, by Love Music, Love Life – click to read the full review. With a sound that’s reminiscent to the likes of Radiohead and Editors; inFictions have clearly […]


A new track appears OUT OF NOWHERE!

We were in the studio late last year recording this but it’s only just emerged due to the studio we recorded in closing down and reopening in a field somewhere north of Sheffield. Slowed things down a bit. This was a song we almost had ready for our debut album but not quite and so […]


People say some lovely things…

An article about our album from an Italian music blogger who for some reason seems to have heard the album in the wrong order…but never mind = When I began this exploration into the new progressive music scene,  I wasn’t expecting to find such a wealth of phenomenal music.  I expected to struggle to find […]


Echoes and Dust Review

I tend to rant a lot about genre classification (see: anything I’ve ever written) and how needless it is most of the time. Thus, when I saw that Sheffield’s inFictions classified themselves as ‘post-progressive’ I got a little worried about the content of their debut release. It’s the ‘post-‘ prefix, the seemingly ever-present grammatical parasite that plagues […]



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